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Photo of Grave S11
Headstone and kerb, stone book at foot
In loving memory of HENRY SUTCLIFFE
the beloved husband of SARAH BATES
died Sept. 22nd 1930
in his 75th year.
beloved wife of BENJAMIN JACKSON
died Feb. 13th 1936,
aged 59 years.
Also of the above named SARAH BATES
died March 4th 1956
aged 90 years.
died Oct. 11th 1966
aged 79 years.
16th June 1940 - 7th October 2010
Beloved Daughter of Lillian
And A Dear Friend To Many
1913 1972.
Writer and Philosopher
And dear friend HALCYON COOKE
1913 1979. Loved by her daughter.
A generous
noble and courageous spirit.
Henry Sutcliffe  Bates
Burial Year: 1930 Age: 74 Grave: S11 - North Section
13 Foreside Bottom, Denh'm Gate Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: J E Mair
Margaret  Jackson
Burial Year: 1936 Age: 59 Grave: S11 - North Section
Carlinghow Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: N S Walker?
Sarah  Bates
Burial Year: 1956 Age: 90 Grave: S11 - North Section
Stancliffe Hospital, Dewsbury Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: J E Norton
Benjamin  Jackson
Burial Year: 1966 Age: 79 Grave: S11 - North Section
97 Elland Rd, Batley Notes: Full 
Relationship(s): Minister: G H Simpson
You asked for: Grave S11
I found 4 record(s) corresponding to this search

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