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Photo of Grave Gm15
Double grave with stepped stone cross
Front In Loving Memory of
beloved wife of BENJAMIN BATES
born December 21st 1829
died December 14th 1899.

Also also the above named BENJAMIN BATES
born October 29th 1828
died October 19th 1905.

Right side In Memory of
loving husband
died April 19th 1921
in his 58th year.

"Until the day breaks
and the shadows flee away."
loved wife of the above WRIGHT BATES
died March 23rd 1946 in her 87th year.

Left side Also of
their son
born November 25th 1852
died December 24th 1875

died May 15th 1859 aged 64 years.
Greenwood  Bates
Burial Year: 1875 Age: 23 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
Relationship(s): son Minister:
Sarah  Bates
Burial Year: 1899 Age: 69 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
25 Bradshaw Lane Notes: Old ref: D274 
Relationship(s): wife of Benjamin Minister:
Benjamin  Bates
Burial Year: 1905 Age: 76 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
25 Bradshaw Lane Notes:  
Relationship(s): husband of Martha Minister:
Wright  Bates
Burial Year: 1921 Age: 57 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
19 Clarendon Terr, Bfd Notes: Old ref: D274.35-36 
Relationship(s): Minister:
Martha  Bates
Burial Year: 1946 Age: 86 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
Welfare Home, Hx Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister: Henry Stratton
Mary Alice  Bates
Burial Year: 1959 Age: 64 Grave: Gm15 - Middle Section
Hx General Hospital Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister:
You asked for: Grave Gm15
I found 6 record(s) corresponding to this search

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