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Photo of Grave G28
Stepped Cross
born September 10th 1845
died May 11th 1914.
"Peace at eventide"
wife of the above
born Aug. 6th 1849
fell asleep July 21st 1929. Cremated at
Manchtr. July 24th
the loved husband of JUNE WAINHOUSE
dearly loved son of ARTHUR & FLORENCE WAINHOUSE and grandson of the above. Captain in the Lancs. Fusiliers
born Sep. 3rd 1916
died in Burma May 12th 1944.
born 7th February 1879
died at Rhyl 4th July 1948. Cremated at Manchester.
Nathaniel  Wainhouse
Burial Year: 1914 Age: 69 Grave: G28 - North Section
10 Shroggs Rd, Lee Bridge Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister:
Hannah  Wainhouse
Burial Year: 1929 Age: 79 Grave: G28 - North Section
13 Crumsall Green, Manchester Notes:  
Relationship(s): Minister:
Capt. Clifford Henry  Wainhouse
Burial Year: 1944 Age: 27 Grave: G28 - North Section
Lancs. Fusiliers. Burma Notes: WG 
Relationship(s): Minister:
You asked for: Grave G28
I found 3 record(s) corresponding to this search

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This Website is indebted to the Calderdale Family History Society for all of the burial information contained in the middle and south sections. The actual burial records have not as yet been found, so only those graves whose inscriptions can be read are included in the database. There are several thousand more burials in this section, but as yet we do not have the information. Details of this can be found on their website or email their Search Coordinator at

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