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This graveyard website is indebted to the Calderdale Family History Society for much of the grave inscription information on those graves that are visible.
Calderdale Family History Society have a comprehensive database of Monumental Inscriptions covering most graveyards within Calderdale, on which they offer a search facility. Details of this can be found on their website or email their Search Coordinator at

The actual burial record books, prior to 1887, have still not been found, so only those graves whose inscriptions can be read are included in the database. There are several thousand more burials in these sections, but as yet we do not have the information.

If you are interested in doing more research into the position of the graves in the ‘Unknown Section’, then you can download more details of the old grave rows and sections that we have gleaned from existing documents.
For instance, if you have an old grave reference, there are clues to where the grave might be. We have also colour coded the positions of first burials in graves. This gives some clue as to which areas of the graveyard were being used for burials in particular years.
If you are familiar with photoshop (Elements) then you can download the graveyard photoshop file here

If you spot any errors in the records/grave info please email Sam who will be pleased to correct them as necessary.

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